Recipes in Luka’s kitchen do not contain:

  • gluten,
  • soy,
  • unhealthy fats,
  • artificial sweeteners,
  • and (optionally) added sugars.

They are prepared with lower carbohydrate content and higher protein content. Today’s human diet is generally made up of too many carbohydrates, too little protein, and contains predominantly harmful fats. One of the purposes of these recipes is to bring these extremes back into balance.

Exceptions are rare dishes, which due to their nature contain a slightly larger amount of carbohydrates, but the purpose of these is to eat them only from time to time or by necessity.

Some recipes contain one or more of the special ingredients that allow the dishes to be prepared according to the above principles and guidelines. Read more about special cooking ingredients HERE.







Main Dishes

Jar Desserts

Frozen Desserts


Basic Recipes