Luka graduated first in his class at the Faculty of Sport, the University of Ljubljana with an average mark of 9,4/10. As an athlete, he was a national champion and European vice-champion in archery. In his 13 years long carreer, he has logged almost 15.000 training hours with over 300 individuals as a personal and strength coach with all age groups.

He has coached world-class athletes from many different sports, worked as a mentor for undergraduate students and counseled numerous organizations regarding sports training. As a coach for coaches he has increased the effectiveness of sports coaches, clubs and sports associations through seminars, lectures and speaking events.

Luka is an international author. He has written three successful books and has authored hundreds of published articles and educational videos on the topic of physical training, mental training and nutrition for optimal well-being and high performance. He is also the author of successful signature programs Potentia Vitality©, Potentia Physique© and Potentia Performance©.

He is currently acting as President of Potentia Society and as a head coach of private Potentia Gym in Slovenia, where he is further deepening his practice of researching human performance and optimal well-being with individuals who are passionate in uncovering their highest potential.