1. Breathwork
Breathwork is a very simple solution for many different problems including anxiety. When we feel fear or anxiety our breathing becomes fast and shallow. But it also works the other way around. It is amazing how just by changing our breathing rhythm we can make a noticeable difference in our well-being in a matter of minutes. And how powerful that difference becomes when we regulate our breathing on a daily basis with breathwork exercises.

2. Stretching
If we are able to notice (on a more subtle level) what is happening to our body when we feel anxiety or fear we can discover it tenses up. If a body is tense it is much easier to feel anxious in contrast when our body is relaxed. Physical tension and anxiety go hand in hand and the best way to counter that is a daily flexibility routine. Regular stretching not only protects us from accumulating tension, it also helps us to release tension.

3. Meditation
Meditation is an age-old remedy for anxiety or fear. A great question to sit in meditation with when we feel anxious or fearful is: “Where is this anxiety or fear located?” You will find out that one of two things usually happens with this approach. Either we cannot locate it because it vanishes when we search for it. Or if we just stay curious about the sensation, allow it to be and not label it in any way as negative it settles down on its own in time.

4. Stress exposure
One of the simplest but not easiest ways to help with anxiety or fear is to face it. Trying to escape from fear increases fear. Going towards fear and coming out on the other side reduces fear. More often we face situations that cause us fear or anxiety, the less we will feel anxious in the same situations the next time. Starting slow by putting ourselves in anxious but manageable situations is the way to go.

5. Eliminating or reducing drugs and stimulants
It is well known that stimulants such as caffeine increase anxiety especially if consumed in large quantities. Alcohol can also lead to anxiety. Drinking alcohol can help you relax at first but when it wears off anxiety symptoms can last from several hours up to a whole day. It is similar with smoking. It is a common belief that smoking helps you relax because it creates a sense of relaxation but when it wears off it gives way to withdrawal symptoms and increased craving.

6. Having fun
When we stop having fun we stop living. Period. Some people are in such a hurry or take life so seriously that forget about or even remove all the fun out of it. It is no surprise that anxiety soon follows. In our fast paced culture where no achievement is good enough or lasts long enough regular enjoyable activities where fun is the only purpose are not something optional but mandatory.

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