People don’t want to move forward but they at the same time don’t want to be left behind. So if they see you advancing in life they will do whatever they can to stop that. It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. They are doing this because you are their mirror. You are living your potential and that reflects back to their unlived lives.

The most toxic people to you in this matter are not your competitors or even adversaries. The most dangerous people are many times those closest to you. Your friends, parents, partners, coworkers and others. Because they are the ones you spend the most time with and share the greatest intimacy with. They affect you the most. Maybe not in all cases but I would say in more cases than not.

There will be people who will not see how something you do can or should affect their lives. They will say: “I don’t understand why is this important or what you are trying to achieve?” That’s OK. If you truly have something of value to share there are plenty of people out there who can benefit from you.

Then there will be people who will say: “What will you do if everything fails? It’s better to just stay where you are right now.” Those people are probably telling that to themselves every single day. They also had a moment of inspiration or an idea somewhere in the past but because they were so saturated with their fears they pushed it as far down as it can possibly go and locked it tight with their fears so it could never again resurface. When you understand that other people’s fears are not your fears, their fears will never again affect you.

The third kinds of people are just ordinary haters. They unconstructively criticize and hate others so they can feel better about themselves and also forget about their own miserable lives. It’s really pointless to question why someone hates you, your service or your product. It just saps your energy. Like the saying goes “haters gonna hate”. For me, haters were always a great feedback. I was seeing it as a sign of progress. Usually the more adversity you encounter the more you are advancing on your path in life.

People really act for their own egotistical reasons. People who will not understand you or something that you do are locked inside their own small world and they rarely venture outside of it. They rarely make an effort to understand anything in the world but most importantly to understand themselves. People who try to scare you are really afraid you will change or leave them because of what you are trying to do. They are not afraid for you they are afraid for themselves. And haters are mostly just lazy people who find it easier to senselessly criticize everything around them than to change themselves. Interestingly I’ve never seen or heard of a hater who would criticize him or herself.

I questioned myself many times in the past involving relationships with friends and acquaintances: “Why did I keep up with this relationship as long as I did? But an even better question is: “Why do I keep up with this relationship?” It’s stupid to keep explaining something to someone who will never understand or does not want to understand. It’s a waste of your energy, potential and a great source of frustration. People fall in and out of our lives and when we stick to someone like glue we are really sticking ourselves to a certain position in life from which we should venture months or even years ago. But when we stick to things that are bigger than our individual selves like our goals and projects that we do together with other people then exactly right individuals will fall into our lives.

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