How much we are capable of doing in a single day, week, month, year and consequently life is determined by how much energy or vitality (if you want to call it that) we have on a daily basis. And that is determined by how we acquire energy, how we distribute it and how quickly or slowly we use or drain it.

How much energy we have is really determined by our focus. Where our focus is there our energy tends to run. Focus and energy are inextricably linked. You cannot have energy without focus. Even to get out of bed in the morning you have to have some sort of focus. If nothing else you sooner or later have to get out of bed to get to the toilet or to get something to eat.

Usually people have three types of problems with their focus and that makes it a problem with their energy levels. The obvious one is they focus on the wrong things. The second problem is they have no focus in life and therefore no energy. The third and most sublime problem is that their focus is too dispersed and so they invest a small amount of their energy into everything. They work on everything but really they don’t get anywhere because they don’t invest a critical amount of energy in a single area of their lives to really make a difference in that area. I want to talk here about the third problem.

We know that our childhood determines in a lot of ways who we become as adults. Of course we can change later on but because change is hard, most people just stay as they were brought up. So our early environment plays a major role later in life. I am telling you this because I look at a single day just like it is a very small lifetime in itself. When we wake up in the morning it’s like we were just born, we are fresh, we go about our day and in the evening when we surrender to sleep it’s similar to death. The world ends for us at that moment.

So morning is just like our childhood. I believe that what we do in the morning sets us up for the entire day. We can look anywhere in the world and we will see that usually people who live extraordinary lives have a certain individually and consciously adopted routine in the morning whatever that may be. That routine gives them focus on what is truly important for them. And with that focus of what is of the highest value for them they get the highest amount of energy for that day.

On the other end of the spectrum are people who also have a routine, just that it’s unconscious. They disperse their energy when they focus with their minds habitually on everything. Their problems, their food, their clothes, their money, their appointments, the people they dislike, the news, their job, on social media, their partner, their body, their children, their pain, their exercise… And because we naturally lean towards laziness with focus like that low value or priority actions get done first. But for the high priority tasks, those tasks that would really make a positive difference in our lives we just run out of energy.

Another point for adopting a morning routine besides focus is that it represents a foundation for your day. Even if your whole day goes bad you’ve still done at least three great things that day and that gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence no matter what happens later on in the day.

I’ve been changing my morning routine through the years but I’ve followed the same routine that works best for me about two years now. It usually lasts for three hours and it involves reading, walking, mental exercises and stretching. I would really like to encourage you to adopt a morning routine and start experimenting with it. It doesn’t need to last three hours. A good starting point is one hour. You meditate 20 minutes, read 20 minutes and stretch 20 minutes for instance. The important thing is to eliminate everything else in that hour. Your phone, computer, TV and all the people. It’s just you and the activity you are doing. If you will adopt an effective morning routine your life will most certainly start changing for the better in a short period of time.

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