In today’s society we hear a lot of promises from a lot of people about a lot of things. If we would just buy a certain product, do certain activities or behave in certain ways then nothing short of miraculous will start to happen in our lives. We will very quickly have all the things that we desire, have the time and means to do everything we always wanted and transform ourselves in the person we always wanted to become and therefore achieve ultimate and everlasting happiness. But if we won’t do those things then we will remain miserable. So even if we cannot have, do or be everything that we want, we have to at least do something to find happiness, right?

In our field of work people think because they are overweight or because men don’t have enough muscle mass or women don’t have enough “curves” they cannot be happy. So they think that when they will transform their bodies they will achieve happiness. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that a beautiful body is something wrong to be desired. I am only trying to point out that if you are an unhappy person, acquiring a beautiful body will not make you a happy person because a beautiful body is not a prerequisite for happiness.

It’s the same with food and nutrition. What is the main cause people overeat and become overweight? It’s not genetics, it’s not macronutrients and it’s not stress. No. Stress can cause a person to be hungrier, but it’s not stress stuffing food in your mouth. It is you. But you don’t have to believe a word I say. Inquire for yourself. If you think back when you were doing something in the past that made you very happy did you think when will your next meal come and what will it be? No, you didn’t because you were overflowing with enjoyment and you felt fulfilled in that very moment.

I can put someone on 100 different diets, stuff him with all sorts of supplements and make him do the most advanced, scientific and excruciating training, but it will all be of no use if I am working with an individual who sees himself as unhappy and miserable. So what can I do to make a lasting impact or at least as big as an impact as it can be? The only thing is to start changing the perception of the person seeking help. To increase their awareness by making them notice something they never noticed before. And then if they still want to improve their well-being with my help that is good. But if they don’t that is good also.

Saying: “I will be happy when…” or “I am not happy because…” are conditions that you are setting upon yourself and locking yourself out of your own true happiness. True happiness is our underlying state when most conditions we have put on ourselves are removed. It’s paradoxical because we think we need to seek happiness to have it but in fact it’s exactly that seeking that makes us tense and miserable. When we no longer seek happiness it is always with us and the realization of that fact is what brings us happiness. But we can only sense this when we are calm and at peace with ourselves.

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